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Parental fatigue

When is it time for kids to go off on their own?  Certainly, what’s in the kid’s interest is not always the same as what’s in the parent’s interest.  In animal behavior, we call that “parent-offspring conflict”.  Everybody else just … Continue reading

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Key ears

It is a pretty iconic (and common) sound around Charlotte.  The keeyeeer of the Red-shouldered Hawk, that is.   There is a pair that has been really active in my neighborhood this year.  Red-shouldered Hawks are one of the birds … Continue reading

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A bit of death in the morning makes for a good meal

Over the holidays, I was visiting Virginia and while out running with my sister, came upon a lovely smell.  Well, actually, before we smelled anything, we saw the vultures.  Right on the side of the road was a group of … Continue reading

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Bye bye, Birdie

Ok, so I could go on, like normal, quoting lyrics from the musical, but…well…I actually don’t know it very well so you’re on your own this time.  But to go along with the song you may or may not be … Continue reading

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Here comes the rain again

As we prepare for another day of rain in Charlotte, I keep getting questions (many from my mother) about how the falcons handle the rain.  I can’t imagine that they really love it, but it really doesn’t do them much … Continue reading

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All the noise noise noise noise

One of the questions that I was asked was about how the noise from uptown events (like the NASCAR Speed Street event) would affect the behaviors of the Peregrines on their nest.  In general, living in a place like the … Continue reading

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Sibling rivalry (again)

Clearly, I’m in a title rut, now.  I’m willing to keep running with this theme, though, because there’s so many fun things going on right now.  Last week I was over at a friend’s house.  Sitting in his backyard, I … Continue reading

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