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Late night sprints

Oh you don’t know how hard it is to resist the allure of reinvigorating a powerful internet meme!  You’ll see why soon enough… Last night I gave a little talk on birds down in South Carolina.  I was driving back … Continue reading

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Leave me alone, the sequel

How appropriate that I just posted about alarm calls! I just had an exciting encounter on my own back deck.   The weather is so fantastic today that I was sitting outside doing some reading.  As I sat there, I … Continue reading

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Leave me alone

I went out for a run yesterday afternoon.  The combination of the cool weather and the late afternoon sun made it a really pleasant day to be outside and gave me the chance to see a lot more activity than … Continue reading

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Stop it. You’re making me hungry.

Yesterday, I was walking down Selwyn and came to a stop in the middle of the sidewalk.  There, down someone’s gravel driveway, was a Cooper’s Hawk staring at me and eating something that it had pinned under its talons.  I … Continue reading

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A busy night

Last night I took myself for another walk.  I got onto the Little Sugar Creek greenway path in Freedom Park right as night was overtaking dusk.  The light was rapidly disappearing in the trees, but looking up, I could still … Continue reading

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What is that in your mouth?

It’s hot!  Ok, I’ve been in hotter places, but it’s humid, too.  Now people will say that wet heat is hotter than dry heat and you know what?  They’re right!!  Ugh.  I went running through Freedom Park yesterday.  At one … Continue reading

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The big picture follow-up

Wow, only hours after writing about corridors yesterday,  I got to see just how functional they are, locally.  While walking along the greenway on the way back from Park Road Shopping Center, some friends and I were crossing Hillside.  As … Continue reading

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