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Parental fatigue

When is it time for kids to go off on their own?  Certainly, what’s in the kid’s interest is not always the same as what’s in the parent’s interest.  In animal behavior, we call that “parent-offspring conflict”.  Everybody else just … Continue reading

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Late night sprints

Oh you don’t know how hard it is to resist the allure of reinvigorating a powerful internet meme!  You’ll see why soon enough… Last night I gave a little talk on birds down in South Carolina.  I was driving back … Continue reading

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Here’s to you, American Robin(son)…

Ok, that title is pushing it a little bit.  It’s been a long day and the Simon & Garfunkel reference made me smile.  But the robins have been on my mind of late.  Last week, a bunch of people asked … Continue reading

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A crown of gold

If you’ve watched (or read) any of “Game of Thrones”, then you’ve got a pretty good image of that crown of gold.  There is, however, a little crowned bird that’s flying around here without any of the pain of Viserys … Continue reading

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A bit of death in the morning makes for a good meal

Over the holidays, I was visiting Virginia and while out running with my sister, came upon a lovely smell.  Well, actually, before we smelled anything, we saw the vultures.  Right on the side of the road was a group of … Continue reading

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Oh snap!

Walking along Little Sugar Creek one day, something flashed and caught my eye in the stream.  It was the shiny underbelly of a fish that was probably 8 or 10 inches long.  The weird thing about this fish was that … Continue reading

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An afternoon workout

I’ve been out of town for most of the past few weeks and have missed a lot of the growing up that these birds have been doing.  I opened up the website today to see one of the chicks doing … Continue reading

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