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Herd of deer?

Yeah, I’ve heard of deer.  Lately, I’ve been seeing them a lot, too.  I live right in the middle of Charlotte (within spitting distance of Independence Blvd) and I’ve had groups of deer around my yard (and eating my plants) … Continue reading

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Fireflies aren’t quitters

So I began this post with a simple observation in my yard tonight.  There are fireflies out and it’s raining.  It’s not a hard rain, but it’s definitely raining.  The fireflies (or lightning bugs) are still going at it, though, … Continue reading

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All the noise noise noise noise

One of the questions that I was asked was about how the noise from uptown events (like the NASCAR Speed Street event) would affect the behaviors of the Peregrines on their nest.  In general, living in a place like the … Continue reading

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A bird’s eye view of parenting

Really, it is one.  My mother works in a nice, tall building in uptown Charlotte and discovered (back at the beginning of April) a pair of unknown birds hanging out on the ledge outside the 40th floor.  She has sent … Continue reading

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Swan song

Over the weekend, there was a new visitor to Freedom Park:  a Mute Swan.  And that name, alone, makes the phrase “swan song” kinda funny, don’t you think? Anyway, in the middle of the Canada Geese and the Mallards, there … Continue reading

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Hey! Citizen Science!

Yeah, I’m talking to you.  You, over there in the corner.  The one who thinks nobody notices that you like looking at birds.  Come over here.  I’ve got a job for you.  Really, I do. Who does science, anyway?  Well … Continue reading

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Leave me alone

I went out for a run yesterday afternoon.  The combination of the cool weather and the late afternoon sun made it a really pleasant day to be outside and gave me the chance to see a lot more activity than … Continue reading

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