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It’s raining again…

I’m sitting here this morning watching the rain and the old Supertramp song went through my head and brought up a question that my mother asks me a lot:  what do birds do when it rains?  This question is both … Continue reading

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Is caudal autotomy right for you?

The title makes it sound like a pharmaceutical ad.  “Ask your doctor about caudal autotomy today.” I should follow it up with a list of possible side effects, too.  But let’s start this way…what is it?  Caudal autotomy (which does … Continue reading

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But I am hurrying!

In between the bouts of rain today, I decided to take myself for a nice little run through Freedom Park.   I got onto the Greenway trail right off of Princeton and right about 30 feet away from the street, … Continue reading

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First, when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream that your fear seems to…wait a second.  I’m not actually going to provide all the lyrics.  This post isn’t about Flashdance, anyway, it’s about fireflies.  I went for a walk this … Continue reading

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Bye bye, Birdie

Ok, so I could go on, like normal, quoting lyrics from the musical, but…well…I actually don’t know it very well so you’re on your own this time.  But to go along with the song you may or may not be … Continue reading

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