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Sibling rivalry (again)

Clearly, I’m in a title rut, now.  I’m willing to keep running with this theme, though, because there’s so many fun things going on right now.  Last week I was over at a friend’s house.  Sitting in his backyard, I … Continue reading

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Sibling rivalry update

One person posted a comment earlier (and I just got my own view) of the two chicks in the nest.  It’s official!  They’ve got 2 kids now.  

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Sibling rivalry (??)

As I’m writing this post, I’m still not sure if there’s only one chick or more than one chick in the Peregrine Falcon nest at One Well Fargo in uptown.  Haven’t heard about it, yet?  Check out the FalCam at the … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

The first of the eggs has hatched! There’s a nice baby Peregrine Falcon tucked under the mama, now. Click on the FalCam link.

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A bird’s eye view of parenting

Really, it is one.  My mother works in a nice, tall building in uptown Charlotte and discovered (back at the beginning of April) a pair of unknown birds hanging out on the ledge outside the 40th floor.  She has sent … Continue reading

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