Monthly Archives: August 2011

A new dawn

With the start of the new school year, I’ve been getting my day started even earlier.  It’s very peaceful to be out on the streets before 6am, but not as interesting from the bird perspective.  The first part of the … Continue reading

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A busy night

Last night I took myself for another walk.  I got onto the Little Sugar Creek greenway path in Freedom Park right as night was overtaking dusk.  The light was rapidly disappearing in the trees, but looking up, I could still … Continue reading

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Wannhh Wannhh Wannhh

Right now, that’s the sound I hear every night (and most mornings, too).  In my mind, it’s really kind of a peaceful piece of the evening.  It’s the sound of all the cicadas in the trees.  I’ve noticed it a … Continue reading

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A flood of new stuff

Well, after taking the summer off (and oh there will be posts about what happened in some other places), I’m finally back.  Charlotte gave me a big welcome return, too.  Hot, steamy temperatures and some big old thunderstorms, too.  After … Continue reading

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