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In the catbird seat

Actually, the post should probably be titled, “in the catbird bed.”  Not that I want you to think that I was in bed with a catbird.  I wasn’t.  This morning, though, something happened while I was in bed.  It was … Continue reading

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The bluebird of happiness

I don’t know how I’ve made it this far in my blog without posting about bluebirds.  Maybe I’m just too easily distracte…a wasp on the window! Ok, I can focus for a little bit longer than that. Every day on … Continue reading

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Oh Canada!

It’s day two of our two-day tribute to Canada- the great country to the north that brought us Alanis, Jason Priestly and Bryan Adams.  And a reasonable place to get Kinder eggs, too.  Today’s post, however, is not about the … Continue reading

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“Blame Canada”

Ok, everyone, it’s Canada week here on the blog.  Well, it’s at least “Canada couple of days”, but that doesn’t sound quite as good.  I started thinking about the tribute to Canada for two reasons:  1.  my little, loud buddies … Continue reading

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New construction

There’s been a lot of building going on in my neighborhood.  Unlike new housing, though, these builders are fairly quiet.  In fact, I didn’t even notice the work was happening until I sat out on my little deck yesterday afternoon. … Continue reading

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Fight club

The first rule of fight club is…well…I have an issue with following rules sometimes, so I’m going to go ahead and talk about it.  Maybe I’m just a gossip.  Anyway, I was running around Freedom Park the other day and … Continue reading

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There I was running down the street when I heard a call from the trees.  The telltale heart of a…I mean the telltale call of a Common Raven.  I’ve actually not seen ravens around here before, but this call (and … Continue reading

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