Zeeee is for waxwingzzzzz

Ok, so the title isn’t so good.  It did make me smile, though perhaps it was only my lack of coffee that made me easily amused.  This morning I was running along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway behind Park Road Shopping Center.  I could hear American Robins, a Northern Mockingbird, a persistent little Carolina Wren, some European Starlings as I was running along.  And then, there it was, a quiet, very high-pitched bzeeee sound.  I started looking around, but it got louder and louder and then it was impossible to miss.  Sitting up in the top of a tree was a flock of at least 60 waxwings, all busy Bzeeeee-ing away.  I stopped to watch and listen for a few minutes.  As I did, a couple groups of about 15 birds flew off in different directions.   It must be breakfast time for everyone.   Waxwings do appear to have some foraging strategy, but it’s based on “bulk”.  They are the Costco shoppers of the bird world.

McPherson, J.M.  1987  A field study of the winter food preferences of Cedar Waxwings.  Condor 89:  293-306



About thomasbiology

I'm an Associate Professor of Biology at Queens University of Charlotte with a background in animal behavior with an emphasis in bird song. I've got two secret goals with this blog (well, since I'm sharing them, they're not so secret): 1. To encourage people to look at the natural world around them- not just as a hiking destination, but to notice all the little things moving around them all the time; and 2. To show some of the science that relates to these little things moving around. There's some really fascinating research out there that so few people get to see.
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