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Biting commentary

This morning as I was running, I was thinking a lot about cardinals.  They were quite active all morning, with the males singing their ‘what cheer!’ songs all over the place.  When I see one of those brightly colored males … Continue reading

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The Honeymooners

I was running this morning on the greenway along Kings Road.  It was a beautiful and quiet morning along the street with very few cars on the road.  Even in the bird world it was fairly quiet.  A bunch of … Continue reading

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A quick get-away

Spring must really be here.  Aside from the fact that it’s sunny and warm again today, there’s another sigh.  The little Eastern Chipmunk that lives under my building has been out and running through the bushes again.  I often get … Continue reading

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The Rich Little of the birds

Ok, you don’t remember Rich Little?  I’m showing my age again.  I certainly don’t remember him from his heyday, but I do remember when he used to show up on Solid Gold to do his little schtick where he imitated … Continue reading

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A new dawn…

I was running a little bit late to head out for my run this morning.  By the time I left my place, the world was already beginning to get some light.  When I got to Freedom Park, the first streaks … Continue reading

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The past couple of days, I’ve felt surrounded by chickadees.  Little Carolina Chickadees are everywhere and they were very active when I went running this morning.  Song after song after song.  Now these cute, little birds are apparently the poor … Continue reading

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Lumpers and splitters

So I mentioned the whole Rufous-sided/Eastern/Spotted Towhee thing and promised I’d get back to it.  Here’s me getting back to it.   Much of the reasoning for the splitting of Rufous-sided Towhees into Eastern and Spotted Towhees comes from how … Continue reading

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